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Members of the association

Michel CORREARD Président Officier Sapeurs-Pompiers France
ASPFI President. French firefighters


Momi LUBINER. Vice-Président
Israel Firefighters


Avishay SHAPIR. Vice-Président
Israel Firefighters


Ehud BEN AZRA. Vice Président
Israel Firefighters


Raphael SIBONI. Secrétaire/Trésorier . Chef d'entreprise. France


Jean-Christophe CORREARD. Trésorier Adjoint. Sous-Officier Sapeurs-Pompiers. France
French Firefighters/Second Tresaurer


Jean-Pierre LAPRUN. Secrétaire Adjoint. Chef de Rayon. France
Second Secretary


Delphine VIDAL-CORREARD. Conseiller Juridique. Clerc d'huissier. France
Law Adivsor




During the year 2004, through Internet, of the close links were created between the Firemen  Herault firedepartment and their colleagues of  Israel State.

The "Firemen" Israeli wished to know the air means available in France within the framework of firefighting of forests, in order to reflect on a possible implementation of these means on the service of the protection of   forests  . After long months of dialogues and exchanges via the emails, it was decided that a delegation of personnel Israel State of  would be received in Herault. firedepartment.

The Captain Michel CORREARD, officer Herault Fire Department , was charged with the organization of this displacement.

In January 2005, a delegation of 4 officers of Israeli firemen was received in the  fire department  to the invitation of Mr Michel Gaudy, President of the Herault Fire Department, Colonel Charles Cassar,  Fire Department Chief and  Jean Luc Pitarch, Firemen Departemental Union.

During this stay, the delegation could discover the average following:

  • Processing center of alarm and operational center of the SDIS 34
  • Center of drive of the BMP Marseille
  • Base civil Safety Marignane tanker planes
  • Base helicopter Civil Safety Montpellier
  • Water bomber helicopters of the Var
  • Specialized School of Valabre Gardanne and simulator fires of drills
  • Fire Station Principal  of Montpellier
  • Museum of the Firemen of Bouzigues


In November 2005, two officers Herault Firedepartment went to Israel to the invitation of the General Shimon Romah.

The officers traversed to it quasi totality of the State of Israel by discovering the human and material means Fire Station:

  • Haïfa
  • Kiryat Shemone
  • Tibériade
  • Jérusalem
  • Eilat
  • Such Aviv
  • Ramle


The tourist part was not forgotten since the visits of the following points were paid:

  • St Jean D'Acre
  • Nazareth
  • Plate of Golan and Mont Hermon
  • Tibériade
  • Deserted of Néguev
  • Jérusalem
  • Jaffa
  • Tel Aviv
  • Dead Sea


In September 2006,  Herault Firedepartment  again accomodated four Israélians firemen for particular formations related to the flood risk.

The program also included the discovery of other techniques in force within the SDIS 34.

  • Water rescue
  • Coastal Rescue
  • Group of research and mission in high building
  • Fire engine for Forest Fire
  • Water Bomber for forest fire.


In the year 2008, 21 Israelis firemen came to do training courses of rescue in running waters and GRIMP, organized by the Herault Fire Department and France Israel Firemen Association.

For year 2009 : 45 firemen from Israel for training water running rescue.

And in year 2010 : 34 firemen from Israel for training water running rescue.

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