Actions of the France Israel Firemen Association

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Training Israel firefighters by ASPFI

Article about courses for our friends by Association. Click here for read. read more


News by '' Actualité Juive ''.

An article about ceremony in synagogue '' La Victoire ''  for all victims on Carmel Fire. Click here for more informations. read more


Interview Président ASPFI

An Interview by Shirel Mignon from '' Actualité Juive ''. Click here for read.   read more

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Photos Gallery

Juin 2008


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Visite du Président et de son...

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Délégation 2006 SP Israel


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Septembre 2008 - 1er Team


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Délégations 2011 - 1er Team

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Exposition de peinture sur le...

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Assemblée générale du 1er...

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Interventions en Israël


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Délégations 2011 - 2nd Team

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Septembre 2009


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