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The France-Israel Firefighters Association receives since year 2006 israeli firefighters for flood rescue training.

Each year, they are 16 firefighters of all the territory of Israel coming to attend these very physical courses and become necessary in the light of the numerous floods that occur regularly in Israel. 

More than 80 firefighters have been trained since 2006 until 2011 from all Firestation located throughout the territory. 

In 2012 and 2013, we had, due to financial means, to stop action for our friends. For the year 2014, we are relaunching the project again to our friends on the site of Millau, place dedicated to specific formations of flood rescue.

We therefore aim to revive these internships, but we need you. You can help us by joining our association, by sending a donation.

It is only with your help that we can again in June 2014, receive our firemen friends for essential training to the organisation of rescues in Israel. 

Thanks for visiting our site to view the photos of the different courses:

And on our Facebook page:

Receive the cordial Shalom of the France-Israel Firefighters Association.


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