Terrible news

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A firefighter station in Hadera, Samer ASALI, died and six others were injured when they intervened for ammonia leak at a factory in central Israel.

A major rescue operation took place on the night of 6 to 7 November, following a large ammonia leak at a meat processing plant, Emek Hefer to (Israel). Part of eight tonnes of ammonia, used for cooling, the plant began leaking through the pipes in the storage of hazardous material. The industrial zone of the area was evacuated and cordoned and the surrounding traffic. Hundreds of people were evacuated and authorities have confined the population in a larger radius. Reinforcements conventional means, firefighters engaged in specialized chemical hazards means for reconnaissance missions and to seal leaks. These specialized units came from plusiuers fire stations in the region. During the mission, a firefighter carried disappeared in the company was found by colleagues in a desperate state. Aged 37, he died in hospital. Six other firefighters firefighters and 16 civilians were injured. The operation, which started on November 6 in the evening, returned in the order Nov. 7 in the morning. All the help is returned in the stations.

Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovich and General Shahar Ayalon Commissioner firefighters were on the scene of the accident.


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