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Ceremony of end of training

On 20 May this year and after a training of several months, the fire officers trainees received their grades on the esplanade of the Kotel in Jerusalem. In the presence of Mr. minsitre of Homeland Security in charge of firefighters, the Mayor of Jerusalem, the General Shahar Ayalon, commander... read more

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Opening new fire station in Galilee

In recent days, our friends participated in the inauguration of a new fire station in Galilee. This friendly event comes in the wake of the reorganization of Israeli firefighters. Small units are built to cover the entire territory in a short time. You can see our friends in photos including... read more


In memory of our friend Dani

He disappeared four years ago our friend Dani Hayat on fire Carmel in Israel. To try to save a large number of people trapped by flames, there has left his life. Today, we think of his wife, his children and his family. We have a great thought also for all our friends in Israel fire on this... read more

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Photos Gallery

Délégations 2011 - 1er Team

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Inondations en Israel

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Septembre 2009


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Réunion du Président de...

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Mission décembre 2010 sur le...

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Exposition de peinture sur le...

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Exercice National tremblement...

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Conférence sur les feux de...

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Entrainement de nos amis aux...

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Novembre 2005


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